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Public Affairs

PA Leistungen


With close-meshed political and media monitoring, we inform you about current topics that directly or indirectly influence your company. This also includes legislative and other political projects. Depending on your needs, we compile all the important information for you at EU, federal, state and local level and combine this with strategic assessments of the relevance regarding the developments picked up on in the monitoring. With stakeholder monitoring, you always have all political players in sight.


In addition to policy monitoring, it is now and then necessary to closely follow every step in a current legislative project and to evaluate the arguments of the stakeholders in detail. Particularly when companies or organisations are directly affected by proposed legislation, an in-depth analysis is required. In doing so, we also evaluate the respective points of contact and opportunities when it comes to influencing the political plans in your favour. A stakeholder mapping helps you to identify and address the relevant actors. General topic and background analyses embed the work in a larger context.


Monitorings and analyses are not an end in themselves, but the essential basis for your own positioning. We develop a holistic positioning concept with you and support its implementation.

In addition, we support you in communicating with political stakeholders. This includes the preparation of statements on draft laws or other political projects within the framework of association hearings at federal and state level. You can also count on us at the municipal level. We compile all relevant information for you, prepare meetings or prepare fact sheets to help objectify the debate in some cases. 

  • Policy and Media Monitoring 

  • Monitoring of Relevant Stakeholders 

  • Appointments

  • In-depth Analysis of Current Legislation 

  • Issue and Background Analysis 

  • Stakeholder Mapping 

  • Executive Summaries

  • Position Papers 

  • Statements on Proposed Legislation 

  • Preparation and Follow-up of Meetings 

  • Factsheets 

  • OnePager

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HR Leistungen

Human Resources

HR-Process Optimisation

Personnel acquisition and applicant management can tie up many of a company's resources. We work with you to create a strategy for efficiently organising your internal and external applicant management. In doing so, we also support you in the search for suitable specialists and executives or take over the entire applicant management of your company. In a second step, we work with you to develop an individual on-boarding concept, which we accompany during its implementation.

Time is a scarce commodity - therefore efficient time management is crucial for the success of a company. Together we establish an individual and adequate time management that helps you to streamline processes and focus on the essential issues of your company.


Actively approaching candidates is part of the daily business of recruitment. Together with you, we create a forecast and a sound sourcing strategy to keep the process lean and efficient. A transparent process is important to us, only then can we source the right candidates for your company. In order to optimise your active sourcing strategy, we develop new solutions together with you. Depending on your needs, we organise training seminars lasting several days, to help you source the best talent. 


In addition, we provide support in on-boarding processes. It often happens that new motivated employees are insufficiently trained and spend the first months of their career trying to find their way around the company. Uncoordinated, independent induction can quickly lead to frustration and slow down company processes. Together with you, we develop an individual on-boarding process, which we accompany during implementation. 

Knowledge Management

The potential of a company's own employees often remains unused. With an in-depth knowledge analysis, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company. In a second step, we help to utilise the existing potential and create synergy effects by integrating a holistic knowledge management. 


Together with you, we focus on the essentials: how you, as a manager, can promote and develop the full potential of your employees and what incentives are needed to do so. Furthermore, if the worst comes to the worst, we provide support in conflict management. Because all too often, unresolved conflicts burden entire teams and inhibit the performance, creativity, job satisfaction and commitment of all employees.

  • Quality Management

  • Applicant Management

  • Time Management

  • Active Sourcing

  • Recruiting Training

  • On-Boarding

  • Knowledge Analysis of the Company and the Employees 

  • Knowledge Distribution and Retention 

  • Coaching for Managers and Employees 

  • Conflict Management

+49 3329 69 88 46 0

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