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About Us

Customised Communication And HR Solutions for Industrial and Energy Sectors 

virtus Consulting has set itself the goal of simplifying access to consulting services and making it more convenient for clients.

We equip start-ups, SMEs and associations with the relevant information from the political Berlin and promote HR processes and knowledge management within companies.

Our Expertise

The founders - Pascal Ziegler and Alexander Schweda - have been working as consultants for companies and associations in the HR and public affairs sector for a total of eight years. They have assisted clients in particular on climate and industrial politics.


The main topics of virtus Consulting include energy & climate, industry & logistics and health. In addition, we work on topics in the construction materials and infrastructure sectors.

Our Expertise

Consulting is not an end in itself - therefore, virtus Consulting pursues a multi-dimensional approach. With monitoring, analysis and positioning, we support and improve public affairs and HR processes of companies. In the end, our clients should be empowered to take the processes into their own hands.


Working together with our clients in a spirit of trust and integrity is most important to us. That is why, especially in the beginning, we will take the necessary time to identify goals and ways to achieve them together and to get to know each other.


Alexander Helmut Schweda

Founder, Managing Director

Public Affairs

Alexander Helmut Schweda is studying War & Conflict Studies (MA) at the University of Potsdam and History and Public Law (BA) at the University of Potsdam. Previously, he completed a junior degree at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" (Berlin) and a degree in Political Science (BA) at the University of Potsdam. He has been self-employed in public affairs since 2018 and has since advised mainly clients from the energy, logistics and building materials sectors.

Mr Schweda's focus is on in-depth background research on current legislative projects in the field of climate and energy policy. Mr Schweda is active in local politics on an honorary basis. 


Pascal Jens Ziegler

Founder, Partner

Human Resources

Pascal Jens Ziegler is studying History and English at the University of Potsdam. He previously worked for Coleg Elidyr as a social worker in Wales for five years, where he was responsible for efficient workforce planning, site expansions and staff development in close cooperation with the directors. He joined the HR sector in Germany in 2019. His main tasks are recruiting, process optimisation and strategic consulting as well as coaching.

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